the September Eat Local Challenge is almost here!

I hope you all are raring to go for the September Eat Local Challenge, but if you need more ideas on how to participate, check out’s 16 thoughts on how to participate.

How you play the game is up to you – one meal a day, one week, a few days, or the whole month. How you define local, what foods you are going to exempt, and so on. Remember that the challenge is supposed to help you broaden your understanding of local foods, but also be fun!

Read what other people have pledged to do for the challenge, and then sign yourself up!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Since Kate already did our pledging I’ll just add that this year is also the year we get better at canning and freezing. So far we have a couple of pre-made meals, strawberry jam, peach jam, roasted tomatoes, and this weekend I’m pickling Hungarian hot wax peppers, and freezing another chard pie.

  2. Sara Zoe says:

    that’s actually very serendipitous as’s focus for the September challenge is freezing and canning the harvest for the coming winter!

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