seen at the Portsmouth Health Food Store . . .

in addition to quite a bit of clearly labeled very local produce (hurrah!), I saw a truck from the Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative and rushed right home to explore the website –

I think a lot of us are learning through the September Eat Local Challenge that in¬† order for this to be sustainable in a time/life sense sort of way, it would help for food distribution systems to change a bit. The Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative looks like it fits right into a new model of food distribution, connecting local foods with local consumers. Their vision page is chock full of information about how they work and want they want to do – improve accessibility to local foods by working with small retailers, buying clubs, and restaurants while not in any way competing with farm to consumer direct sales. A most excellent model – who’s up for a Seacoast area version?

And I wonder if the Portsmouth Health Food Store is carrying the Maine grown and milled flour mentioned on the Crown of Maine website  . . . .

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  1. Audrey says:

    What I have briefly looked over so far,looks great! Brentwood has an energy committee starting up on Sept. 30th, and making local foods more accessible is one idea they are looking at to create a more sustainable and energy efficient environment. It would be awesome to get some of the models in place at the Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative implemented for the seacoast. I will be attending and will bring along their ideas.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love their phrase “business as un-usual.”

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