Local Farms, Local Government

Hi, my name is Jeff and I’m going to do some blogging here at Seacoast Eat Local. My wife is an organic vegetable farmer and we’re both a part of Seacoast Eat Local and Slow Food Seacoast. I’m a Public Administration student at UNH so I will probably spend my time writing about things like Lorraine Stuart Merrill being unanimously confirmed by the Executive Council as the state’s new Agriculture Commissioner. I am also a news hound so I will be posting links to good articles as well. I will try to let the others write about their experiences with eating locally.

So without further ado I wanted to post a few documents I found while working on a project for class. They are “Preserving Rural Character through Agriculture”, the “NH Farm Viability Task Force Report”, and “Creating an Agricultural Commission in Your Hometown”. They are all focused specifically on NH and are all very interesting. “Preserving Rural Character” and “Creating an Ag Commission” were both published by the Coalition for Sustaining NH Agriculture. The Task Force was created in 2006 and published their report earlier this year. The Task Force Report discusses a number of things that should be done to make farming in NH more successful. I highly recommend reading it.

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  1. Sara Zoe says:

    welcome aboard, Jeff! I appreciate your focus and contributions – things are on the move in NH (Maine already has their act together, comparatively) and it will be great to know when and where we should plug into the process to help it along –

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