Shopping Habits and Annoying Siblings

Here’s an interesting blog post I found through about the ubiquitous organic and/or local discussion.  You’ll notice I didn’t say organic versus local debate.  That phrasing gives the appearance of a dichotomy which does not exist, thankfully.  It also involves the even more ubiquitous fighting with a family member about what to serve at a holiday dinner.

3 Responses to “Shopping Habits and Annoying Siblings”

  1. Sara Zoe says:

    this piece reminds me of the recent commentary on NPR, Shut Up and Eat:

    There is certainly the chance of taking it too far – but in thinking of our whole society, we are no where near that precipice.

    I love that line, “analysis paralysis” – sums up the feeling very well.

  2. Jeff says:

    Personally, I’m more worried about forgetting to try to convince my family of things that we spend a lot of time talking to the public about. If I can’t convince my own family, who can I convince? When I talk to them (and to others) I do try to say “here are my ideals”, and “here’s what I do when that’s not workable”. Because otherwise you do end up parsing way too much information to try to determine the right thing to do.

  3. Kim says:

    My humble opinion is: if you can buy it locally, you probably ought to. If you can’t, you should probably eat mostly what’s in season. But for crying out loud, the last thing you probably want to do is make people feel bad about their own choices, that’ll just make them give up altogether.

    I’ve found that if my food looks really yummy at work, people ask my why I have such good food, and I tell them my deal then. So…in the end, it comes down to having better food than the next guy. That’ll get ’em every time!

    Compromise is okay. Giving up isn’t!

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