Truth in labeling –

As seen in the December 19, 2007 NH Weekly Market Bulletin:

Markets Fined for ‘Local’ Labeling Violations

The Division of Regulatory Services has assessed and received payment of two administrative penalties of $1,000 each from Market Basket/DeMoulas stores in New Hampshire. The chain grocer was cited for violations of RSA 426:5, relative to the use of the words “native,” “local,” and “our own,” that occurred in October 2007.

The Demoulas store at 265 S. Broadway, Salem, was found to have advertised “locally grown picked fresh daily sweet corn.” An investigation by the division found tha the corn was grown in Florida.

The Market Basket store at 108 Ft Eddy Rd, Concord, was found to have advertised “Locally Grown Romaine Lettuce.” An investigation by the division found that the lettuce was grown in California.

Market Basket/DeMoulas had previously been warned regarding similar labeling violations at these and other locations in New Hampshire, and failed to make corrections.

The intent of the law is to assure New Hampshire consumers who seek out native and local produce of truthful labeling. In addition, the law provides a fair marketing environment for sellers of farm products. The division rigorously enforces this truth in labeling law.

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  1. Jean says:

    Unbelievable. Actually, it’s not. And you know what they say, for every one there are ten others. I’ve often found myself second guessing the produce at Durham Marketplace (a Hannaford store). Thanks for the head’s up, SZ.

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