kids + gardening + help teaching kids to garden = summer awesomeness

The Strafford County Cooperative Extension is pairing up kid wanna-be gardeners with Master Gardeners for a really cool summer project:

  • Learn to build your own raised bed garden and to grow plants using the square foot gardening technique
  • Help build and plant a community garden with your team on the Strafford Cty Farm
  • Learn from your Master Gardener; who will inspire and teach you about local agriculture, where your food comes from, plants, soil, bugs, seeds and so much more
  • Share our community garden’s harvest of vegetables, herbs and flowers with Riverside Rest Home
  • Have the opportunity to have your “Home Garden” judged by our Master Gardeners for the Rochester Fair.  This judging will take place on July 17th (or as weather determines.)
  • Have the opportunity to join with other KCG youth gardeners in developing a “Kids Can Grow” exhibit at the Rochester Fair.  All youth wishing to be a part of this experience will meet at the 4-H Building at the Rochester Fair on September 10 between 6:00-8:00pm to create this exhibit.
  • Learn about the new Food Pyramid, nutrition and food safety
  • Have fun, make new friends and have a great time under the summer’s sun

Kids Can Grow Cover Letter

Kids Can Grow Application

My only question, since I am older than 8-14, is: Where can I get a Master Gardener mentor willing to come to my house and give me advice and materials and help for only $10?

2 Responses to “kids + gardening + help teaching kids to garden = summer awesomeness”

  1. “Kids Can Grow”, is that in Rochester, NY? Frankly I have not heard of it.

  2. Sara Zoe says:

    Not NY – We’re talking about the other Rochester, Rochester, NH!

    Though I’m sure the Cooperative Extension of NY has some cool gardening programs, too -

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