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Gary Hirschberg, the ceo of Stonyfield Yogurt, made sure his new book was printed in an environmentally smart way. The paper he insisted on was not only post-consumer recycled, but also “Manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates” (from the manufacturer’s website).

Seacoast Eat Local and Slow Food Seacoast are currently in the midst of our annual resource guide revision, with plans for bigger, better, more. But one thing we don’t want more of is paper pollution, so we’ve gathered quotes on printing on these same papers that are beautiful quality, 100% post-consumer recycled, and green energy certified. It ain’t cheap, but it’s important. Eating locally is a good and wonderful thing we can do, with environmental reasons being one of my own personal motivations. But it’s not worth as much if we’re printing lots of stuff unsustainably, or taking home lots of plastic bags from the markets, and so on.

The new guide [with its new name, Seacoast Harvest] will be ready the beginning of July. In the meantime you can help out by becoming a sponsor, helping us keep the guide free for farmers and consumers, and helping us make the smart choice in printing.

More info on the good printing decisions of Gary Hirschberg’s new book from Publisher’s Weekly > 

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