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King Corn on PBS

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

If you missed it’s brief appearance at the Ioka, here’s a chance to catch King Corn on TV – April 15th on PBS. The story of corn is overwhelmingly relevant to how our food system works today –

Discover(ing) Sustainability blog official announcement

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Alert blogger Jeff mentioned this new blog the other day, but here is their official press release:



DURHAM, N.H. – The University of New Hampshire, recognized as a higher education leader in sustainability, is taking its ideas to the blogosphere. The new blog, launched recently by the University Office of Sustainability, aims to share UNH’s commitment to being a sustainable learning community while helping readers discover how sustainability connects us all.


“The blog title – “Discover(ing) Sustainability” – says it all,” says Sara Cleaves, associate director of the University Office of Sustainability (UOS) and one of the blog’s authors. “We see sustainability as seeing things whole and acting accordingly. It’s highly interdisciplinary and relies on connections and conversation, all of which we hope to foster with this blog.”


Currently authored by several UOS and communications staff at UNH, Discover(ing) Sustainability will seek voices from around the university, including students, researchers, and administrators. Recent posts have highlighted a “green cuisine” gourmet dinner at UNH, research related to climate change and clean water, and a recent award to UNH’s Wildcat Transit. The blog also brings sustainability trends in higher education and in the news media to light.


Visit the blog at


UNH, home of the nation’s first endowed office of sustainability in higher education, is a leader in conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and integrating sustainability throughout its curricula, operations, research, and engagement efforts. Committed to being a climate protection campus that pursues a sustainable energy future through emissions reduction policies, practices, research, and education, UNH has earned several awards for its sustainability initiatives, which range from composting and supporting local, sustainable agriculture to using compressed natural gas and biodiesel-powered vehicles, and being the first in the nation to receive an EPA Energy Star building rating for residence halls. Discover the sustainable learning community at UNH at