Wanted: farmers and gardeners to grow local wheat

from Eli of the Northeast Organic Wheat Consortium:

“It’s not too late to send you small packets of the heritage spring wheats that we are trialing, and share suggestions for commercial varieties to trial. About 100 seed in each packet. We’ll have more time to plan for winter trials.”

We have a lot of reasons to want to see some increased wheat production in the Northeast. The rising prices of commodities are exposing an unhealthy dependence, a marked lack of self-sufficiency. I don’t imagine that we’ll ever be totally self-sufficient (we eat a lot of wheat in many forms, along with crops that just won’t grow here like rice), but making inroads in that would help alleviate pressures around the globe.

Northeast Organic Wheat

Organic farmers and artisan bakers working together
for delicious local wheats

Funded by NESARE

Almost everybody eats bread. Not only is wheat soaring in price, but it travels thousands of miles to our table and has evolved through a genetic bottleneck of modern breeding for uniformity and dependence on agrochemicals. Any serious local food movement must address wheat.

 ‘Northeast Organic Wheat’ is a consortium of local teams in Vermont , New York, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. We are restoring rare, heritage wheats, conducting conferences and seed exchanges, and hosting field days at demonstration farms in each state.

We invite farmers, gardeners and artisan bakers to grow and evaluate heritage and modern wheats, conduct baking tests for flavor, nutrition and baking quality, and host beautiful displays of wheat sheaves – to restore heritage wheat and community bread traditions. Schools and Food Coops can host bread-baking workshops with local talent and restore the the heritage wheats that sustained your community in the past.

How to be involved:

Farmers and Gardeners: ‘adopt-a-crop’ of rare heritage wheat, trial commercial wheat varieties and partner with local bakers

Artisan Bakers: work with local farmers to test wheat varieties for flavor and baking quality.

See: growseed.org for resources.
Contact: Eli Rogosa: growseed@yahoo.com 207 872 9093

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  1. Hi Eli, this is Barbara writing I met you at the grains talk at the NOFA conference. We are biodynamic seeds folks living in Antrim, NH 03440 and would love some wheat to trial.
    Hope your work is going well, I am in Ohio at present , will be in Tennessee for a conference and then back to NH in October. OUr number there is 603-588-2302 and my partner Woody is there.
    All Blessings,
    B and W

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