Poultry Ban in the news

Make sure to read Rachel Forrest’s “Feathers fly over chicken ban at city farmers market” in today’s Portsmouth Herald – the article is extraordinarily helpful in laying out the situation and positions of the key players:

“If you were to go to the city’s farmers market this Saturday, you could buy beans and some pork, lamb, beef and eggs, but if you were looking for chicken for the barbecue, you would be out of luck.

While Kellie Brook Farms’ Tim Rocha has been selling chicken meat since 2002 at the city market, this May the city’s Health Department clipped the wings on his poultry offerings, though Rocha said he follows state health guidelines for safety.”

Read the whole article at the Portsmouth Herald website >

(and if you are looking for Yellow House Farm or Kellie Brook Farm chickens in the meantime, visit the Exeter, Dover, or Kingston farmers’ markets)

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  1. geek+nerd says:

    wow – this is rather ridiculous!

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