more on the ban on poultry sales at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market

Very thoughtful commentary over on Slow Food Seacoast’s blog by co-leader Michelle!

An excerpt:

Though we understand the city of Portsmouth has adopted FDA poultry guidelines out of a sense of protecting the public, many of us believe the concern is misplaced. Many people I talk to are a lot more concerned about the kinds of large-scale poultry operations that have easy access to their own USDA-inspected processing facilities — farmers for whom 1,000 birds is an hour’s production, as opposed to a year’s steady labor.

Slow Food as an organization sees serious concerns with favoring large-scale farming operations over local, small-scale ones. Concentrating animals in large growing and feeding operations, processing them in heavy volume all at once, and then shipping them long distances to sit in grocery cases on styrofoam plates, are unsustainable practices that damage communities, the environment, the enjoyment of food, and people’s lives. Though it is easy for such large-scale facilities to maintain an USDA-inspected facility, that is small comfort given the associated costs of producing food this way.

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