Grass Fed Beef from Pinewood Yankee Farm – custom ordering available

Pinewoods Yankee Farm is shipping a beef animal to processing soon – if you would like to custom order some particular cuts, give them a call. In general, they have plenty of steaks and ground beef available at the farm. [Consider getting an order together with some friends, neighbors, or coworkers to save on some driving!]

$3.15/lb hanging weight on custom cut sides. Ground is $4/lb grass fed 92% lean, steaks range from $6/lb sirloin to $8.50/lb rib.

Pinewoods Yankee Farm
Tina Sawteelle
93 North River Road
Lee, NH 03861

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  1. Jeff says:

    I just got some brisket from Pinewoods Yankee for a corned beef and it was delicious! Thanks Tina, for a great brisket and thanks Sara Zoe for doing the corning!

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