inexpensive Cod at Seaport Fish

Seaport Fish is offering a special on Local Dayboat Cod for $ 4.95lb
Landed in Portsmouth by the Fishing Vessel Lady Mae
Seaport Fish                                                          Seaport at Fiddlehead Farms
13 Sagamore Rd                                                          920 Central Rd
Rye NH                                                                       Dover NH
603-436-7286                                                               603-742-0393

For a discussion on the sustainability of cod, visit NAMA’s website, where members of their CSF and NAMA staff have been discussing the differences between locally caught cod and the more general cod available through unknown channels in the grocery store: Comments 153 + 154

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  1. Debra says:

    Great link, thanks! Contains one of the most lucid explanations of how to choose and eat seafood sustainably while also eating locally. And has a very cool explanation of how to candle fresh cod for worms!

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