Shrimp CSF this winter!

I’m very excited to share the news that the Yankee Fishermen’s Coop will be offering a northern shrimp CSF (Community Supported Fishery) for 8 weeks this coming winter.

At this time, they are looking to gauge interest and figure out where pick up locations should be held. So fill out their form if you are thinking about it so that they can contact you when shares go on sale! (And remember, northern shrimp freeze really well – this would be a great way to make sure you get your shrimp and have some to fill your freezer for the rest of the year!)

The Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative (YFC) will be offering shares for the upcoming Northern Shrimp season. As a participant in the community supported fishery, you will be supporting the NH commercial fishing industry and a sustainably harvested resource. Your shrimp will also carry the NH Fresh and Local brand which ensures that it was landed in NH and is the freshest available.

– An 8-week subscription to the winter CSF (January – February)
– HALF share of whole shrimp: 5 lbs per week
– FULL share of whole shrimp: 10 lbs per week FULL shares are $128 ($1.60 per pound), HALF shares are $72 ($1.80 per pound) Please use the link below to fill out the interest application and a member of the fisheries cooperative will contact you.

Interested? Fill out this form >

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