Seafood “Throwdown” at the Rye Farmers’ Market Wednesday September 2

From the Rye Farmers’ Market, a really fun and exciting event!

 The Rye Farmers’ Market, in collaboration with the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, brings the first  Seafood Throwdown on Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the Farmer’s Market next to the Congregational Church and Rye Town Hall.

The Seafood Throwdown will feature Sylvia Cheevers of Rye Harbor Lobster, a favorite among the weekly vendors at the Rye Farmer’s Market and Justin Bigalow of the Carriage House, a well known restaurant on the Rye coast.  They will educate and entertain you with their cooking skills as they show how to prepare whole, fresh, and local seafood. Chefs get $25.00 and 15 minutes to shop the Farmers’ Market for ingredients, cook for 45 minutes, and then present their entry for consideration.  Judging the prepared dish will be Rachel Forrest, Food Writer for the Portsmouth Herald and Duncan Boyd, local chef and fisherman.

The Throwdown is sponsored by NAMA, Northeast Atlantic Marine Alliance. “Even though we live in a fishing community we don’t necessarily understand how those headlines in the paper about fisheries management measures add up to what ends up on our plates,” says Gloucester MA resident and NAMA’s director, Niaz Dorry.  “We think about where our tomato comes from, who grew it, how they grew it and how far it traveled before it ended up on our plates.  We need to think the same way about your seafood.”

Our not-so-secret agenda is to promote support for the NH fishing industry and fishermen, while keeping economy here in NH, through Community Sustained Fisheries (CSF), Restaurants, Farmer’s Markets and Seafood Markets.

It doesn’t make sense to send NH fish out-of-state, only to be returned, one or two days later, paying more for fish that’s not as fresh. ” Buying sustainable, means purchasing fish in season and different fish, like pollock, hake, or cusk,” says Carolyn Eastman of Eastman’s Fish Market in Seabrook. “We try to elevate exposure and raise awareness of buying seafood locally.” More information can be found at

“A CSF reconnects people to the ocean that sustains them and builds a rewarding relationship between the fishermen and their community.  Tailored after the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, a CSF brings freshly caught local seafood to our kitchens while providing fishermen with a better price on less catch.  CSF members give the fishermen financial support in advance, and in turn the fishermen provide a weekly share of locally caught seafood to their shareholders.”

This is a free event, open to the public.

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  1. Rachel Forrest says:

    OOOOOH I get to judge with Duncan Boyd! cool!

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