Grass fed beef available, Nottingham, NH

From area farmer Romeo Danais:

The General Butler Farm

3 Ledge Farm Rd.

Nottingham, NH  03290


As of 1/14/10

The Grass Fed Beef is HERE!

For those of you that have driven by the farm all of last spring, summer and fall and have seen our Black Angus cattle grazing lazily on the grass in my fields, you’ve witnessed them being raised in a loving manner.  Able to roam freely, eat grass, drink water from our well and relax in the sun.  During inclement weather there was the ability to seek shelter in the ‘run-in’, the three-walled, open shelter for them.  Stress free, un-hurried, ‘watching the cars go by’.  It was as if, ‘they were on vacation in Nottingham’, relaxing in the fields.

After being brought to Lemay and Sons, a registered USDA inspected and passed facility (USDA License # 9542), in Goffstown on 12/22/09, they were processed the same day and dry aged until 1/7/10 – a total of 16 days.  The beef has been processed in market cuts, individually ‘cryovac’ wrapped and flash frozen.  And, are now available for you at the farm.

Please call in advance, or email, to make appointments to purchase your aged, locally raised, Grass Fed, non-antibiotic, no growth hormone, natural beef.  Cattle raised as nature intended, on grass and grass alone!  Checks or cash, can’t accept credit cards.

Romeo Danais

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  1. meegan pagliarulo says:

    I am very interested in buying grass fed beef. Do you have a web page or a price list?

  2. Chantelle says:

    quality post…

    I have spent a bit of time going through your posts! ,i had a good read….

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