Market Notes: Market Eggstravaganza!



One of the easiest ways to begin eating locally and reacquaint yourself with the flavor of real food is with delicious farm-fresh eggs. Direct from the farm, you can actually taste the freshness. Production of eggs fluctuates with the seasons, and availability is again increasing with the approach of spring. Some of the vendors to be on the lookout for fresh eggs at the Winter Farmers’ Market include:


– Brookford Farm

– Field to Fork Farm

– General Butler Farm

– Harrison’s Poultry

– Hickory Nut Farm

– Jesta Farm

– Philip Nugent

– Sugermamma’s Maple Farm

– Touching Earth

– Yellow House Farm


Storage tips

To maintain freshness, bring them home quickly or keep them in a cooler in the car in warm weather. Refrigerate eggs immediately once you’re home. They will age more during one day at room temperature than a week refrigerated. Leave eggs in their carton; the carton helps to prevent moisture loss and absorption of refrigerator odors.


Note: Remember to save your egg cartons — many farmers recycle/reuse them, just ask!

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