Cheese Chicks: M.O.O. Milk needs you!

27517_59995146009_1703_n.jpgMaine’s Own Organic Milk or M.O.O. Milk is the result of an unusual partnership — the milk is produced on Maine farms, and trucked, processed and distributed through a strong network of family-owned businesses, all in Maine. And integral to this partnership is you, the consumer. From Marada Cook of Crown O’ Maine Organic Cooperative:

I usually like to start off easy, but we need to have a hard talk.  M.O.O. Milk needs your help.


MOO Milk is the one milk company in the state that stands a chance of offering farmers an independent outlet for organic milk, at a price that makes organic dairy farming commercially viable in Maine.


That means, the visitors that love green fields need to drink M.O.O. Milk.

The residents who like their cows to eat hay in the winter instead of a heavy grain diet need to drink M.O.O. Milk.

The moms who care what their kids will look like in 5 or 10 years (never mind themselves) need to drink M.O.O. Milk.

The folks that want farms to thrive in Maine and think that agricultural subsidies are ruining this country need to drink M.O.O. Milk.

The economists who wring their hands over the collapse of the medium scale ag infrastructure in this state need to drink M.O.O. Milk.

Anyone who thinks M.O.O. Milk is too expensive needs to drink M.O.O. Milk.


The only way to bring the price of M.O.O. Milk into line with people’s milk expectations is to convey to them that the state minimum pricing for milk is a smokescreen hiding farm decay and false economics. M.O.O. Milk (and any small raw dairy, for that matter) are offering milk at the only price that is ‘affordable’ to our industry. The difference between a small raw dairy and M.O.O. is that M.O.O. Milk works for organic dairy farmers across the state, not just one individual farm. It is the Crown O’Maine of Milk.


Without high price benchmarks, we cannot keep farm bankruptcy at bay. Without a company that works for farmers, such as M.O.O. Milk, there is no one to wave a flag when the pricing of milk no longer reflects the costs to produce it.


We need M.O.O. Milk to survive so it can grow as a model for other commodity products in Maine.   The state minimum is not enough to help local agriculture thrive. And now is the time for you to take a stand.


Six weeks. That is how much time M.O.O. Milk Company has to grow its customer base by 3000 gallons a week.


That’s how long I want you to put M.O.O. into every cup of coffee at your store or restaurant. Every scoop of gelato. Every glass your toddler downs. Every Vichyssoise. Every cat dish. I mean that.


You don’t even have to buy it from me, but if you want this company to succeed, you have to buy it now.




PS: Did I mention it tastes great?

For more information on M.O.O. Milk and where it can be purchased locally > 

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  1. Pat Mahoney says:

    While I agree with much of what you’ve said you must know that MOO Milk is not available everywhere and so those of us who are buying it are going out of our way to do so. Literally, out of our way. Which in some cases means spending more money on gasoline and other grocery products. Not to mention time. We can encourage our friends and neighbors to drink this excellent milk but in doing so we are asking them to spend more of their time and money also. I support the Crown of Maine Farmers but times are tough for everyone and I just think this needs to be said.

  2. Meg says:

    Thanks for the info. I just checked their website and now realize MOO Milk is sold at the Hannaford’s I usually shop at (at least it says it does, but I swear I’ve never seen it there!). Just wondering – do you know if MOO only comes in whole milk? Thanks!

  3. Debra says:

    Thanks for your comment — you’re absolutely right, distribution is still limited. They’ve been in production for less than six months, and distribution should grow along with their business. I understand they’re in negotiation to be distributed through Shaws. M.O.O. Milk has posted on their website that Hannaford’s, where it is available, has just dropped the price by 30 cents a half gallon to $3.99. Pricewise, this makes it competitive with national out-of-state brands — Hannaford’s is actually taking a profit reduction in support of M.O.O. Milk!

    M.O.O. Milk comes in whole, 2%, 1%, and skim, all by the half-gallon. Not all stores carry the full line. For the moment, their butter and cream is only available in bulk through Crown O’Maine. If you don’t see it at your local store, ask for it through Hannaford’s customer service. Hope that helps!

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