Cheese Chicks: MOOMilk running out of time

Via our friends at Slow Food Seacoast, the latest news on the current financial state of Maine Organic Milk, also known as MOOMilk:


A grand agricultural experiment — a Maine farmer-owned milk company — is close to folding and will suspend milk production this week as its principles scramble to find investment funding.


MOOMilk, which stands for Maine’s Own Organic Milk, processed milk Wednesday but will suspend production on Sunday, as a variety of reasons have combined to force the business toward closure. Only skim and one percent milk are still being processed since the company’s cash flow is so low that it cannot purchase two percent and whole milk car-tons.


“We are out of money,” David Bright, MOOMilk’s secretary and one of its founders, said this week.


Although the company began with 10 member farmers from Washington, Aroostook and Kennebec counties, that number has fallen to six, threatening the company’s ability to produce enough milk to remain sustainable.


Two farmers retired; another sold his herd; and a fourth opted to switch to conventional milk from organic.


Distributed reached more than 49 stores in Maine and New Hampshire. Currently, the company is seeking additional investment funding. Maybe some Slow Money to the rescue?  To read entire article >

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  2. Mackenzie says:

    I am sorry to hear that MOO Milk isn’t doing well. I hope they find a way to become profitable.

    I was researching Moo Milk because it is being used as a poster child by proponents of the L3C, which I think is a terrible idea because it requires that companies that have such a classification are not in business to produce an income. That is not sustainable.

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