The Great New Roots Farm Acorn Drive!

obj264geo307pg27p12.jpgThis just in from the farmers at New Roots Farm in Newmarket:


The Great New Roots Farm Acorn Drive is underway! Troubled by a driveway and lawn filled with acorns? It’s a banner year for oak trees and the acorn crop is out of control. I have always been fascinated by Spanish acorn-finished pork.


Today I …was at the playground with my little boy and noticed that the ground was covered with acorns. It took ten minutes to gather a recycling bin’s worth. Thus, an idea was born. If the kids are driving you nuts (ha, ha), send them outside to gather a bag or bucket of acorns. We’ll collect them until the end of market season at the Portsmouth and Exeter Farmers’ Markets. The child or family who gathers the most acorns will get a tour of New Roots Farm and be able to meet all of our pasture-raised animals.


Spread the word!


— New Roots Farm, Certified Organic Veggies and Pasture-Raised Heritage Meats, Newmarket, NH


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