Feels Like Spring at the Winter Farmers’ Market

carroty.jpgA great big giant carrot-sized thank-you to all who came out and joined us at last weekend’s Winter Farmers’ Market in Rollinsford! The final count was 2,239, our largest in attendance yet, making for a wonderfully bustling day filled with great food and good cheer. Extra special thanks go to Brian and his amazing crew at the Wentworth Greenhouses for hosting the markets, and also to Salmon Falls Stoneware for providing much needed additional parking. These farmers’ markets would not be possible without all of their hard work, generosity, and collaborative spirit.


While this was our last market for the year at the Wentworth Greenhouses, Seacoast Eat Local still has two more markets to go for the 2010-2011 winter season. They will both take place at the Exeter High School on Saturday, April 9th and April 23rd. Wentworth Greenhouses will start up their summer season markets outdoors in early June and will run weekly through October.


A glimpse of last weekend’s festivities in Rollinsford can be found here (click upper right-hand corner for slideshow):



We look forward to seeing you all when the Winter Farmers’ Market returns next month in Exeter!

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