Scallops Fresh Off the Boat at Rye Harbor

From the F/V Rimrack based in Rye Harbor, NH — fresh scallops available this week, get on their email list for alerts:


4/12/11: Looks like Tuesday & Thursday will be the only days to get out this week, but as always, things can change in the fishing business. Landing times have been around 6:30 – 7pm but be sure to call ahead for confirmation on daily landing times!   603.343.1500


Summertime is coming and now is a great time to think about freezing up some scallops. Scallops are available 2 pints/$30 and a special this week 1 gallon/$100


Due to a surprising amount of interest we are offering unshucked scallops,  1 bushel/$75 –  Available by order only! Be sure to call ahead 343.1500. You can find scallops knives at New England Marine & Industrial and all sorts of other interesting marine stuff.


Please send us an EMAIL if you are interested on being on our alert list (only used minimally for catch changes/seasonal updating 🙂


4/12 Update: The word from Mike and Lee, is the Rimrack will be landing between 6:45 – 7pm tonight at Rye Harbor with plenty of scrumptious & sweet scallops. Mike says to bring your camera, kids and lots of change to load up on scallops for the year before they disappear to wherever they might go. Scallop catches seem to be fading, but we definitely plan to go Thursday and hopefully one day this weekend.


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  1. kc wright says:

    We picked up Rimrack scallops @ Eastman’s in Seabrook after the Exeter farmers’ market last Saturday and THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Glad we got an extra pint to freeze which was recommended to do in a zip lock with some milk.

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