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Enough for Everyone, Always

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Russell Libby, MOFGA’s Executive Director, provides food for thought in his presentation, “Beyond The Roadrunner Economy,” at the TEDxDirigo conference in Brunswick on October 10, 2010, leading with the question, “What is it that would be a different way of approaching food?”


Truck Farm — Mini-Farm on Wheels

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

post_full_1280253812truckfarm.jpgFarming without land takes a certain amount of creativity. This mini-farm on wheels, called Truck Farm, is the subject of a new documentary, and has issued a call for a few good trucks to join their fleet:




Truck Farm is a simple concept with a big impact. It’s Ian’s 1986 Dodge pickup with a mini-farm planted in the truck bed. It’s a traveling, edible exhibit that brings a rural experience to urban students. It’s a CSA that makes weekly deliveries to 20 families. And it’s the focus of a new, whimsical 50-minute documentary about urban agriculture premiering at film festivals early in 2011, and rolling out in communities nationwide in the spring.  Click here to see clips, and contact us  if you’d like to plan a screening in 2011.


But that’s not all. Called “the coolest urban agriculture project around” by The Huffington Post, we think it’s time for our farm-on-wheels to grow into a fleet.


What if every urban center had its own Truck Farm traveling from school to school teaching kids about how fun farming and healthy food can be, engaging them in thinking about where food comes from and getting them excited about growing food themselves? This is our vision and we’re looking for 25 good urban farmers to help us bring it to fruition.


If you’re interested in setting up a Truck Farm in your community, DOWNLOAD THIS INFO SHEET and contact us today.  To sponsor a truck, email Stephanie for details.