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Early Harbingers of the Season: Riverside Farm, Blueberry Bay Farm

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

One by one, local farms and farm stands are also beginning to open for the season. Riverside Farm in North Berwick sends word that they are now open for business, and Blueberry Farm in Stratham will be open spring weekends beginning Saturday, May 7th.


From Riverside Farm:


We are currently opened daily from 9–12 and 1–4, weekdays only, to celebrate Spring’s arrival! Shelf goods and greenhouse produce, including:


Riverside Salad Mix

Beet Greens



Pac Choi


Baby Lettuce


Plenty of fall dug potatoes and Gregg’s Great Eggs, plus a great selection of hanging baskets and cold tolerant bedding plants are also available at the Farm Stand. April 21st is our official opening when everything will be available. We still have a few CSA shares available. Check out our website for details: for details.


From Blueberry Bay:


We hope you had a great winter season, and didn’t let the snow dampen your enthusiasm!


We are again expecting a productive season in 2011, and are happy to announce that we will be opening on Saturday May 7 for pick-your-own lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, asparagus and chives (we’ll also be selling strawberry plants and pansies). We will be open again the next day, Sunday May 8, and all weekends (Saturdays & Sundays only) therafter until Saturday July 2 when we will start blueberry picking, and, of course, many other berriews, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs, on a 7-day per week schedule. Our weekend hours in May & June will be 9:00AM to 4:00PM.  And as always, all of our crops are grown naturally; that is, no synthetic chemicals are ever used, and we never spray a crop once the edible portion is formed. Remember also, that by picking from a living plant, you get the freshest possible produce, for maximum nutrition and taste.


We look forward to seeing you at the farm this spring!


For more information:


Check the Seacoast Eat Local calendar for full listings of events and local farmers’ markets!

Scallops Fresh Off the Boat at Rye Harbor

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

From the F/V Rimrack based in Rye Harbor, NH — fresh scallops available this week, get on their email list for alerts:


4/12/11: Looks like Tuesday & Thursday will be the only days to get out this week, but as always, things can change in the fishing business. Landing times have been around 6:30 – 7pm but be sure to call ahead for confirmation on daily landing times!   603.343.1500


Summertime is coming and now is a great time to think about freezing up some scallops. Scallops are available 2 pints/$30 and a special this week 1 gallon/$100


Due to a surprising amount of interest we are offering unshucked scallops,  1 bushel/$75 –  Available by order only! Be sure to call ahead 343.1500. You can find scallops knives at New England Marine & Industrial and all sorts of other interesting marine stuff.


Please send us an EMAIL if you are interested on being on our alert list (only used minimally for catch changes/seasonal updating 🙂


4/12 Update: The word from Mike and Lee, is the Rimrack will be landing between 6:45 – 7pm tonight at Rye Harbor with plenty of scrumptious & sweet scallops. Mike says to bring your camera, kids and lots of change to load up on scallops for the year before they disappear to wherever they might go. Scallop catches seem to be fading, but we definitely plan to go Thursday and hopefully one day this weekend.


For more information:

Spring Specials from Lasting Legacy Farm

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

From Lasting Legacy Farm in Barrington — special orders for holiday ham may also be picked up at the Farmers’ Market in Exeter this Saturday, April 23rd:


I’m Spring Cleaning!


It’s time to clean out the freezers!

10# pkgs @ $5# these packages will include a

high end cut such as t-bone, sirloin steak or tips etc. that normally sell at $11 + a pound.

Mid range cut such as Shoulder steak, london broil, shoulder steak, top round etc that normally sell for $8+ a pound

and lower end cut being burger, stew, short ribs etc.

each package will be a total of 10#+@ $5#


So bring you cash, check, MC/VISA and help me clean out our freezers!!!

you can call me with any questions you may have at



Taking Holiday Ham orders!

fresh out of the smoke house and available for pick up April 22 at the farm shop from 1:00 pm ~ 6:00pm or at the Exeter Winter Farmers Market at the Exeter High School April 23rd!

$5.25# with an average weight of 8-10# each. No Nitrates or Nitrites in this delicious ham!

pre order by email to and let us know what size you are looking for!


And don’t forget to sign up for their “Buying Local Meats Class” — individual workshops on beef, pork and chicken are being offered, with dates in May and June. For more information:

Lasting Legacy Farm — Meat Pre-Orders

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

12530601166517523199.jpgLasting Legacy Farm in Barrington, NH, is now taking meat pre-orders of beef, pork, chicken and turkey for the 2011 season:


It is that time of year again!  Time to pre-order your selection of meats for this season from Lasting Legacy Farm. You can go to for the pre-order form!


As you are looking over the pre-order form you will notice a few different options. One of the new changes is that we are only offering chickens this year from June to October. It was really difficult to process chickens in November with the cold weather so please adjust accordingly. 


For those of you that would like to get a better price on a larger quantity of meats but do not have the freezer space or do not wish to get a 1/4 or side, please see the last page for our new meat packages being offered this year!


Other emails will be coming with other things being offered to you from Lasting Legacy Farm! So look for information about the fish co-op, cooking classes, and information about veggies that will be offered at the farm!


Thanks again!



In order to reserve freezer quantities of meats, please print off the 2011 pre-order form for your convience. Also please send the deposit amount noted on the pre-order form for selected items, and send order form with a check to Lasting Legacy Farm, 336 Second Crown Point Road, Barrington, NH 03825. If you have any questions about this way of ordering, please feel free to contact us at 603-781-8715 or visit

Throwback Brewery: Producing beer from local ingredients

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011


A new brewery in North Hampton is in the works — called Throwback Brewery, they are planning to open in March 2011. One of their primary missions is to make beer sourced from local ingredients, and are working with local farms such as Brookford Farm, envisioning:


Just as more and more people increasingly want to know where their food comes from, we believe that people will also want to know where their beer comes from. Similarly, just as more folks are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint and the costs associated with transporting their food across the country, we believe folks will soon start thinking the same way about their beer.


To that end, our vision is to create beer that is sourced 100% from local ingredients and enjoyed in the local New England area. Certainly, there are challenges with this vision. After all, the emerging micro-maltsters don’t have the same economies of scale that the bigger mid-western and Canadian maltsters do.  In addition, the New England climate is amenable to producing only certain types of hops and fruits, which might mean some limitation in variety.


While some might see these challenges as overwhelming, we don’t. Our team is inherently optimistic. Instead of challenges we see great opportunity. Winemakers, both in our region as well as across the world, have typically worked to find vines that thrive in their local habitat. This gives the wine grown in each region its own unique characteristics and flavor simply as a result of its geography, regional vines, soil, and weather conditions. The term for this is Terroir which is roughly translated as “a sense of place”. In other words, regional wines embody local characteristics which make them unique from the rest of the world.


We think the notion of terroir is, for lack of a better term, simply awesome. We strive to create our own beer-oir, resulting in a New England regional style that promises to be quite delicious and interesting. We are working with local farmers (such as Brookford Farm in Rollinsford, NH) and local maltsters (such as Valley Malt in Hadley, MA) to make our vision a reality. In addition, through programs such as the Northeast Hop Alliance, as well as our own small hop yard, the reality of using 100% locally-sourced hops isn’t too far away.


You can follow Throwback Brewery through their website and blog, and also at Facebook. Their latest blog post, called “It’s a Family Affair,” talks about their quest to make a truly local beer, including malting of the grain.

New Roots Farm: Market Special on Pastured Pork

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

obj264geo307pg27p12.jpgThe folks at New Roots Farm are offering a special deal for market goers at the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers’ Market in Exeter, this Saturday, January 8th — a great opportunity to stock up and sample some of their new varieties of sausage!


Our “Pastured Pork Lover’s Package” includes one package of thick center-cut loin chops and one package of boneless sirloin chops as well as your choice of five packages of various sausages for $75. The sausage varieties include: Basil, Smoked Andouille, Apple, Mild Cajun, Portuguese Chorizo, Breakfast, Sweet Peppercorn, or Traditional Hot Italian Sausage. You also have the option to add on a 5.5 – 6 lb heritage breed, pasture raised roasting chicken to your order. Our animals are all heritage breeds, pasture-raised on USDA Certified Organic Pasture, and receive an All Natural grain supplement in appropriate amounts.


Be sure to get your order in before 3 pm on Friday, January 7th.  For more information on our animal husbandry practices, visit


To place an order for the Pastured Pork Package, please visit

Grass Fed Beef from Pinewood Yankee Farm available

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Tina Sawtelle of Pinewoods Yankee Farm writes,

We have our freezer full again of own grass fed beef ready for cooks of the new year! Ground and stew in 1 lbers, steaks and roasts, and soup bones for stock. People can contact me through our facebook Pinewoods Yankee Farm, email, or call (603) 659-8106. I deliver in our local Lee, Durham, Madbury, Newmarket area or pickup at the farm in Lee is simple.

Tina Fottler Sawtelle
Pinewoods Yankee Farm, Lee

Holiday Specials from Lasting Legacy Farm

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Lasting Legacy Farm in Barrington sends word of their Holiday Specials on ham and lobster for next week:


Once again we are offering our customers holiday hams for your Christmas dinner!


The weights will be from 8–10# at $5.25 a pound.


Available for pick up Thursday, December 23, 2010 from 10 am to 6 pm.


Send an email to order your size as soon as you can

because they are limited!




How about fresh caught wild lobsters for Christmas Eve dinner

for a true New England Celebration!

 Fresh lobsters brought in to Lasting Legacy Farm

from our favorite fishermen (and women) — Eastman’s Fish!


2+# Select Lobsters to be picked up at our farm

Thursday December 23rd in time for your holiday festivities.

At $4# this is a great way to bring in some local flavor to your festivities.

They will be delivered to the farm for a convenient pick-up for our customers.

So email to your order of how many lobsters you would like —

we will notify everyone of pick up time!


Happy Holidays from Lasting Legacy Farm!


For more information, please visit >

Homemade Ice Cream for the Holidays

Monday, November 15th, 2010

 From Lasting Legacy Farm in Barrington:


Homemade Ice Cream!


From Sugar and Ice Ice Cream Shop in Barrington!


Holiday Special


Ready Monday and Tuesday November 22 & 23rd from 1pm to 6pm each day for Thanksgiving to be picked up at Lasting Legacy Farm!!!

Order your prints of flavors from below by e-mailing your selections to


Purchase 5 pints each at $5 and get the 6th for free!!!!!!!

Or order each pint individually for $5!


Flavors as follows ~ some are limited so order quickly!

Strawberry~Banana Split Bonanza~Caramel Cashew Crunch~Chocolate Peanut Butter~Yellow Cake Batter~ Chocolate~Coconut~ Toasted Coconut~ Kahlua Chip~Apple Pie Crisp~Chocolate Chip~ Oreo ~Vanilla~ Egg Nog!! 

T-Day Countdown

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

gobble.jpgWe’re busy preparing for the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers’ Market in Rollinsford next Saturday, where you’ll be able to stock up for the upcoming holidays. If you are still looking for a locally-raised turkey to grace your Thanksgiving table, check out our Facebook page for updates on availability. Here’s a listing of some of the places mentioned:


– Harrisons Poultry Farm, Candia


– Kellie Brook Farm, Greenland


– Kicking Horse Farm, Farmington


– Martha Bogart – Life is Sweet Baking, South Hampton


– Nippo Brook Farm, Barrington


– Sea View Farm, Rye


– Yellow House Farm, Barrington


A search of Seacoast Harvest also provides a list of local farms that may have turkey available. You may contact them directly for questions about type of turkey, availability, and pricing.


*Photograph by Robert Gibson, Yellow House Farm